The Bulldog Club of Texas was formed in 1947.

The Charter members were:

Richard Maze
Hinds Poth
Ruth Barret
Mr. Jeffries
Mr. & Mrs. Jerome
Ertha Alexander
Ed Winfield
Captain Mitchell
Dub Del
Tex Neddleton

The first President of the Club was Mr. Jeffries. It should be noted that Mr. & Mrs. Savage were instrumental in helping this club get started. The By-Laws for the club were approved by AKC, on April 14, 1948. They started holding sanctioned matches on November 28, 1948. The judge for this match was Mr. Ed Winfield. The club held their first Specialty Show on April 9, 1950. The Best of Breed for this show was owned by Richard Maze and Hinds Poth of Mapo Kennels. The Bulldog Club of Texas was the first club in the state of Texas and the first Club in Division IV. They also hosted the first National Specialty Show in the state. They also take honors for having the first 3-day show in the history of the AKC. The club has grown over the years under the guidance of many people such as Richard Maze , Hinds Poth, Dennis & Carla Entholt to name just a few.