Bulldog Club of Texas

Thank you for viewing our website!  You will find many valuable links within these tabs and pages that will take you to additional places of information and interest to the Bulldog pet owner and show exhibitor.

Our next Specialty Show will be held in February 2020.  Exact dates are February 7th, 8th, and 9th (Friday through Sunday).  

FOUR Specialty Shows & Sweepstakes – Judges from around the Country!

Plenty of Fun and Healthy Competition!  

Great Hospitality – Morning, Noon, and Night!  

B.C.A. Division IV Banquet – Catered On-site – Casual BBQ dinner with music!

Plenty of Parking and Grooming space – You won’t want to miss it!

 Trophies – Awards – Raffle – Silent Auction – Rescue Parade!

We invite you to join us:  Click on the link here for further details and entry information.

Current Officers of the Club

President  – 
Beth Williams –
Email:  bctpresidenttx@gmail.com

Vice President  – 
Shelia McKenzie

Secretary  – 
Carla Ehntholt – Email:  bctsecretarytx@gmail.com
Address:  5318 Texas Street, Houston, TX  77011

Treasurer  – 
Rosemary Jenner 

Board of Governors  – 
David Moates, Leanne Long, Tonya Downs,
  Larry Rosas, and Randy Gobert

The Bulldog Club of Texas is a member of the Bulldog Club of America and is active in BCA Division IV.

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